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Goofy Grape Light Up Display
  • This display is probably the earliest Funny Face Display from 1964 or early 1965. It is made of a thick vacufom plastic and measures 15 1/2"x9 1/4"x2 3/4". It is printed in black, green and purple and has a hole in the back for a light. The display is a figure of Goofy Grape with the text "Drink Goofy Grape it's Sugar Free!" below him. This piece might have come in the sales mans box (see below).

Funny Face Display Strips (1965)

  • These unusual plastic strips were slid in the front edges of the grocery store shelves. They measure 1 1/4"x7 1/4" and probably came connected together as some have perforated ends.

Funny Face Display store photo

  • This display is known from an actual photo from a grocery store in July of1967. The display is diecut with the 7 characters from 1966 around 3 colored glasses of drink. The text "Funny Face is Fun to Drink" is below them. On the rack we can see the Thirst Fighters and the 7 Funny Face flavors, all in display boxes with 2 rows of packs. My guess is that this display is a holdover from 1966.

Funny Face/Thirst Fighters Drink Center Display

  • This display is from 1967 and is shown at the bottom of the Thirst Fighters newspaper ad. It is printed on both sides but only one side has a pop out awning. It is full color and measures 35"x49"x10". The display depicts the seven second series Funny Face characters and the three Thirst Fighter characters. Below the Thirst Fighters is Demon Thirst who Crash Orange is shooting at. This display was used to form a Funny Face drink center under which all the Funny Face and Thirst Fighter packs would be sold.

Funny Face/Thirst Fighters Display Strips (1967)

  • These unusual thin card board strips were used in conjunction with the Drink Center and went on the front edges of the grocery store shelves. The Funny Face ones came in long perforated strips of four measuring 1 1/4"x29". The Goofy Grape strip is all Goofy Grapes while the other strips are character combinations of Loud-Mouth Lime/Rootin'-Tootin' Raspberry and Jolly Olly Orange/Freckle Face Strawberry there is probably also a Choo Choo Cherry/Lefty Lemon. The Thirst Fighter strips are not perforated but have the same graphic twice and measure 1 1/4"x14". They are also full color and all three characters have been seen.

Funny Face Product Competition Poster

  • This poster was used in conjunction with a larger multi product campaign which played on the idea of product competition. Full color and measuring 25"x15".

Matt Mason/Barbie Contest Display

  • This display is made up of a 25"x13 1/4" printed cardboard sheet with an actual carded Matt Mason doll and boxed Barbie doll glued to it. The top of the display has the characters touting the contest while the bottom has a space to put a tear off pad. There are two small holes at the top where it could be hung from in the grocery store. It is from 1967.

Jolly Olly Orange in Glass / Display Photo w/ packs

  • This piece measures 18"x9 1/2" and depicts Jolly Olly Orange inside a wiggling glass with ice. It is printed on metallic cardboard and was attached to a larger display. It is probably from the 1967. The second picture is from an article about Funny Face from 196 and it pictures the the sign the Jolly Olly Ornage came from but in the picture it is miscolored (purple). It also pictures a rack and numorous Funny Face display boxes.

Funny Face Seasonal Poster

  • This poster is from a series of posters with seasonal themes. Another poster form this series has been seen and it has a 4th of July theme. Interesting because of the figural Funny Face characters.

Union 76 Banner

  • This banner hung in the Union 76 gas station in 1970 while their Funny Face promotion was going on. The banner is printed on synthetic material in red and blue and measures 81"x43". It has Jolly Olly Orange drinking from a glass and the text "Free Funny Face Soft Drink Mix with Gasoline Purchase".

Union 76 Brochure

  • This little brochure was given to the gas station owner to outline how the Union 76 Funny Face promotion would run.

Union 76 Orange Display Box

  • Full display box of the Orange Union 76 giveaway packages.

Funny Face Mugs Mobile

  • This is a four part cardboard hanging mobile display which also has 6 mugs attached to it. Probably a very late display from the end of Piullsbury's run on Funny Face.

Variview Display Strip

  • This thin strip went on the front edge of the grocery store shelves. It measures XxX" and has Goofy Grape, Captain Black Cherry, Lefty Lemon and Rootin'-Tootin' Raspberry on it. It is a variview strip so its colors change as you move past it. It is probably from the early 1970's.

Clock Display ??

  • I have heard that someone has a Funny Face Clock display of some sort.

Mug & Pitcher Display??

  • I was told by someone that their friend had a Funny Face display with a pitcher and mugs attached to it. This would seem very likely and very desirable.

Display Poster (Brady Era)

  • This is a full color poster printed on thin cardboard stock. It measures 21"x14" and has four of the characters with the text "Funny Face Drink Mix with Vitamin C". It is probably from the early to mid 1980's.


Salesman Box

  • This white cardboard box measures 20 1/2"x15 1/2"x4 1/2". On the lid is a printed picture of Freckle Face Strawberry and the text "Meet Freckle Face Strawberry and his Friends...". The inside of the lid are six slots to hold pack and a larger slot to hold papers. The large bottom of the box is empty but I assume that the Goofy Grape Store Display went in there but cause it seems to fit. This was then used by a salesman to sell Funny Face to grocery stores in 1964-5.

Goofy Grape Animation Cel

  • This is a black and white cel. Probably used in one of the first Funny Face commercials.

Pillsbury Flour Bag w/ offer

    This is a Pillsbury flour bag which contained a coupon for a free pack of Funny Face.

Bell Potato Chip Bag w/ offer

    This is a potato chip bag which came with a free package of Funny Face inside from 1967 . It is pictured with the type of Funny Face pack that came inside.

Goofy Grape Button

  • This button has the text "Free Package of Funny Face" with a small image of Goofy Grapeand measures X' in diameter. It was probably worn by someone giving out Funny Face at the grocery store in the early 1970's.

Two Handled Mugs

    These mugs are very similar to the standard mugs but they have handles on both sides. They are marked "Made in Hong Kong" on the back. The only mugs to have been seen are Goofy Grape, Lefty Lemon & Freckle Face Strawberry. The Choo Choo Cherry is rumored to exist. The Grape has been seen molded in both a deep purple and in an aqua color.

Gold Plated Mugs

    The F&F company produced the Funny Face mugs and when high production numbers were reached on an item they would have some gold plated and mounted on wood bases as gifts for management and other personnel.

Yellow Goofy Grape Pitcher

    This pitcher is the standard Goofy Grape Pitcher (A) but it is molded in a bright yellow plastic. It is probably a test shot from the factory.

Walker Prototypes

    In 1989 in a collectors magazine the Old Variety Store, three Funny Face walker prototypes were auctioned. These were the wooden hand painted models that were used to make the actual walkers. They work and have painted poker chips instead of coin wieghts.

Display Box

    In the grocery store the Funny Face packs were sold in display boxes. This particular one is from 1967. It is a multi-flavor box held 72 packs of six different flavors in two tiers of three slots. The box is printed in full color and has a pop up header. It came wrapped in wax paper with a small white sticker with the code 43143-43.

Choo Choo Cherry Display Box

    This is a Choo Choo Cherry single flavor display box from about 1969. It originally held 72 packs.

Baron Von Lemon Display Box

    This is the display box for the Tart N Tangy Thirst Fighter Baron Von Lemon. From 1969. Originally held 72 packs.

Billboard Design

    This is a billboard design from the 1967/8 period.

Commercial Story Board

    This is a commercial story board from the 1967/8 period.


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