Food Characters Premiums
Bazooka Joe Stamp Ring

Bucky Beaver Fan Card - Ipana toothpaste

Captain Go Go Puppet - Go Go Peanut Butter 1960's

Cheetos Mouse Eraser

Delbert the Dragon Puppet

Frito Bandito Club kit

Frito Bandito Eraser

Frito Bandito Ring

Fruit Stripe Stuffed Animals

Fruit Stripe Zebra Fun Book

Fruit Stripe Gum Yipes Stripes TV Coloring Book

Good & Plenty Choo Choo Charlie bag

Hi-Cecil Family Fun Books

Hostess Baseball Card Album

Hostess Iron On Transfers

Twinkie the Kid Inflatable

Hot Dog Diggity Booklet

Jiffaroo Kite

Koogle Button

Kool Pops Captain Kangaroo record

Kool Pops Owl Puppet

Kraft Space Helmet - ad w/ offer

Kraml Milk Puppet

Libbyland Flicker Mug

Lickety Splits Puppet - Burry's cookies

Little Oscar & the Bandit Coloring Book

Little Oscar Hand Puppets

Little Oscar Inflatable

Little Oscar Mayer Wiener Whistle Music Sheet

Magic Cow Swim Ring Toy

Mr. Chips Comic Books

Mr. Chips Puppet - Burry's cookies

Mr. Cool Puppet

Mr. Wiggle Hand Puppet

Monster Vitamin Music Record

Moo Juice Shaker

Muncha Bunch Club Kit

Muncha Bunch Eraser

Otter Pops Puppets

Pals Club Booklet

Pals Club Certificate

Pals Coloring Game Activity Book

Pals Soaps

Pals Vitamins Owl figure

Pals Captain Kangaroo book

Pillsbury Doughboy Puppet

Pillsbury Doughboy Pop Out

Puddin Head Shaker

RAID bug stickers

Rath Indian Inflatable Figure

Rath Indian Whistle

Ring-A-Ding-Dandy Puppets - King Sauce & Dragon

Santa Claus ring - Sears 1960's

Scooter Pies Hand Puppets - Burry's cookies

Sealtest Circus buttons

Toast Witch Whistle

Tobor Robot - Nabisco 1950's

Toppie Comic

Tuffy Tooth Club Kit

Tuffy Tooth Record

WC Fritos Munch Club kit

W.C. Frito Eraser

Willy Wonka Buttons

Willy Wonka Candy Factory

Willy Wonka Halloween Safety Kit

Wonderbread Loaf Bank

Woodsy Owl Club Kit

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