Dan Goodsell is an artist living in Los Angeles. His work includes illustration, painting and 3D objects. The basis of his work is a fictional place called the Imaginary World which is inhabited by an odd assortment of characters including Mr. Toast, Joe the Egg, the Lemonhead and Dr Encyclopedia, just to name a few. His artwork chronicles the adventures and lives of these characters. A major influence on his art was "the golden age" of education; when science, history and nature were taught through state fairs, roadside attractions, illustrated books and animated classroom films. Over the last seven years, he has created and maintained the Imaginary World web site where visitors can find weekly web comics, view his paintings and read illustrated stories. He has self published 5 books, Imaginary World Comics #1 & #2, Parade, Kaleidoscope and Mr Toast at the Circus. He has also created a number of other Mr Toast products including dolls, toys, jewelry, bags and t-shirts.

Dan Goodsell is a graduate of UC Irvine School of Fine Arts. He has been working in experimental radio and live performance art for the past 15 years. He is also an avid researcher of the history of advertising, theme parks and other childhood memorabilia. He has been interviewed for various documentary television projects including numerous appearances on the Food Network. He has lent objects from his collection to various museum exhibitions and publications. He is the co-author of "Krazy Kids Food" published by Taschen books in spring of 2003. He just had participated in numerous gallery shows all around the country.

Currently he is working Dark Horse Comics on a line of fashion t-shirts. Also he is working with independent director Jonathan Parra on a series of Mr Toast animated web cartoons.